Porous Concrete

The Porous Concrete is a pavement with a special features introduced in Portugal by Paviténis that allows its use even in adverse weather conditions. Its formula combines porosity with flexibility. Thus, the porosity of the compound makes a Porous Concrete surface ready to use even in wet weather. In turn, the flexibility of Porous Concrete enables the stretching of the pavement plaques that is a key factor in the longevity of the floors subject to prolonged sun exposure.

The exceptional porosity of the Porous Concrete assembled with an optimal drainage (no pipes that usually tend to choke) ensures zero waste water both in the surface as well as in the underlayers, thus preventing the development of fungi and lichens, commonly known as “moss” so common in this courts making them slippery and extremely dangerous. The excellent drainage of Porous Concrete makes possible a new approach of construction of the floor horizontally thereby revolutionizing the conventional bent construction necessary to drain the water. This horizontal fields gives a fully improved visibility.

The formula comprises different phases and in the following order:

  1. Compression of the land with drainage ditches;
  2. Box on gravel;
  3. Porous Concrete Layer;
  4. Finishing with anti-slip paint.

The final touches, such as selecting the court color, the type of pavement (Porous Concrete or Synthetic Grass), markings, fences and the surrounding areas will always be in accordance with the customers criteria.