About Us

Paviténis – Pavimentos Desportivos is a team of excellence with over 30 years of experience. We are a national reference in the construction of sports pavements, always betting on quality, durability and good taste, and using the most innovative techniques on the market.

We have been working with public and private entities, from north to south of the country, such as City Councils, Clubs and Sports Associations, and even Private Customers.

At the disposal of each Client we have different solutions in the area of ​​leisure and competition sports, or other needs: Tennis Courts of all types, Porous Concrete, Clay, Synthetic Grass, All-Weather, Padel, Multi-Sports, Football field, Playgrounds, Pedestrian Paths, Bike Paths, Parking lots for small and large surfaces, all types of fences, Metal Roofs and Sports lights.


We are proud to continue to earn the trust of each of our Clients.



Quality Policy

Paviténis – Pavimentos Desportivos – a company with a strong reputation in the construction and maintenance of floors and enclosures in the area of ​​sports, leisure and competition, which has a team with more than 30 years of experience – is a company that always presents avant-garde solutions, focused on the satisfaction of customers and other interested parties.

We are proud to build floors and varied spaces in the area of ​​sports, leisure and competition, as well as floors for car parks and accesses with a focus on quality, durability and good taste, which allows us to continue to deserve the trust of our customers.

The involvement and commitment of all our employees in permanent alignment with the strategic objectives of Paviténis – Pavimentos Desportivos, namely to comply with the requirements of the quality management system in accordance with NP EN ISO 9001:2015 is essential for the our success.

The Management of Paviténis – Pavimentos Desportivos takes into account, in the definition of objectives, the principles contemplated in a process approach, the assessment of risks and the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of its system, aiming to guarantee the financial sustainability of the company and to promote the quality of the projects. developed.


General conditions of Sale

  1. These General Conditions of Sale and Warranty (hereinafter referred to as “General Conditions”) apply exclusively to all commercial relationships between Paviténis – Pavimentos Desportivos and its Customers.
  2. Paviténis – Pavimentos Desportivos reserves the right to modify, at any time, the data and characteristics of this document, and its modifications will be officially published on the company website: www.pavitenis.pt
  3. Whenever Paviténis – Pavimentos Desportivos confirms an order in writing, it considers that the Customer automatically accepts these General Conditions of Sale and Warranty.


  1. Orders and Proposals
    • The prices mentioned in the proposals are only indicative and only become binding after confirmation, in writing, by Paviténis – Pavimentos Desportivos.
    • Paviténis – Pavimentos Desportivos reserves the right to cancel or not fulfill orders when the Customer is in arrears in relation to previous contracts.


  1. Payment Conditions
    • Paviténis – Pavimentos Desportivos reserves the right to negotiate, for each specific case, the payment terms
    • Payments must be in accordance with the conditions agreed in advance, without any type of deduction.
    • In case of delay in payment by the Customer, Paviténis – Pavimentos Desportivos reserves the right to apply a late payment interest rate.


  1. Works
    • The deadlines will be confirmed within the scope of the specific conditions for the provision of services to the Customer.
    • Paviténis – Pavimentos Desportivos always seeks to meet the agreed delivery deadlines, but any delay, as long as it is justified, does not entitle the Customer to a claim for damages.


  1. Guarantee
    • Paviténis – Pavimentos Desportivos products, whenever installed and used in accordance with the supplier’s instructions, are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months.
    • In order to apply this guarantee, it will be necessary to present, in writing and in detail, a claim and acceptance of the defect by the Quality Department of Paviténis – Pavimentos Desportivos, and also the return of the defective products.
    • In case of acceptance of the Claim by Paviténis – Pavimentos Desportivos, the claimed product will be repaired, replaced, according to the type and circumstances of the claimed defect.
    • The existence of a claim only justifies the non-payment of the products directly covered by the claim, and the payment of the remaining products that eventually form part of the same work must be settled.
    • Any claims regarding losses and damages invoked based on defective products are excluded, Paviténis – Pavimentos Desportivos only committing to what is described in the above.
    • The guarantees presuppose the normal and rational use of Paviténis – Pavimentos Desportivos products and components.
    • This warranty does not cover defects or damages caused by occurrences that are beyond the control of Paviténis – Pavimentos Desportivos, namely, those that result from poor handling, poor conditions of installation, removal, repair or from bad weather and wear due to normal use, atmospheric conditions or natural weather catastrophes, intentional acts, irrational use and vandalism.
    • Warranties will not apply until the Customer makes full payment for the services provided.


  1. Claims
    • All complaints must be sent to Paviténis – Pavimentos Desportivos, by registered letter, to the address of the company’s headquarters or by email to pavitenis@hotmail.com
    • Claims must be submitted 30 days after the detection of the defect or breakdown.
    • A copy of the invoice, together with the description of the problem, must be presented with the claim.


  1. Applicable Law
    • These General Conditions are governed by Portuguese and European legislation applicable to the matter.
    • In order to resolve any dispute arising from these clauses, Portuguese jurisdiction prevails, for which purpose the jurisdiction of the District of Lisbon is competent.